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Over Normandy

by Paul Nikolic


Armstrong Whitworth Albermarle
296 Sqn RAF, 5  June 1944


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This is a 3D composition I did recently depicting the much unloved A.W. Albermarles of 296 Squadron, 38 Group on the night of the 5th June 1944 somewhere over the River Orne in Normandy.

Eight Albermarle's carrying nine troops each of the 5th Parachute Brigade jumped some 40 minutes behind the Pathfinders, encountering considerable light flak over the drop zone resulting in a number of aircraft being damaged. One aircraft had difficulties deploying its paratroopers and had to make four passes, including a paratrooper and his dog jumping at the end!

Although the Albermarle had the honour of droping the first troops into Normandy, it seems to be largely forgotten by history, the modeling world and the like.

I used Rhino 3D, Truespace and Photoshop to create this image. (See the actual model pic)


Now where's that 3d printer....


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Last Updated 18 April, 2004

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