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Early Motor Vehicles

by Phil Marchese


This complex re-design of the Highway Pioneer Sears Buggy represents the car that nearly destroyed the Ford Automobile empire with a law suit. This 1/32 scale rendition was designed and built by Phil Marchese of Annandale, Va.


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1904 Studebaker Rear Tonneau Tourer



This 1904 Studebaker rear tonneau tourer is a kit bash project using the 1903 Cadillac and 1906 Rambler from the Gowland highway pioneer series and a few other parts and plastic materials. Compare it to the real 1904 thru 1905 Studebaker.


1903 Ford Model A Van



This 1/32 scale 1903 Ford Model A Van is kit bash of the Gowland Highway Pioneer 1904 Olds Van and the 1903 Ford Model A rear tonneau.

Text and Images Copyright 2004 by Phil Marchese
Page Created 02 September, 2004
Last updated 05 September, 2004

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