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3D Virtual Messerschmitt
Messerschmitt P 1070

by Ronnie Olsthoorn


Messerschmitt Me P 1070


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Here is some more Luftwaffe 1946 violence in the shape of the Messerschmitt Me P 1070.



This handsome jet fighter was developed parallel to the Me 262, but abandoned in favour of the latter. It was to be equipped by BMW 3304 turbojet engines and have an armament of two 20mm cannon in the nose and a rifle calibre machinegun in the wingroot. I have taken the liberty of removing the machine gun and adding two 20mm gunpods instead and portray it as a lethal bomber interceptor.

The colours are those of the Royal Romanian Air Force, which is its operator in John Baxter's latest book The Alternate Luftwaffe, Volume 2.



More info about John Baxter's book may be found on http://www.luft46.com/jbbooks.html

More of Ronnie's 3D virtual models may be seen at his website -  http://www.skyraider3d.com

Model, Images and Text Copyright 2006 by Ronnie Olsthoorn
Page Created 06 February, 2006
Last Updated 06 February, 2006

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