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Tales from the Crypt Part 2
Tiger Bait!

by Chris Wauchop



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A Soviet T-34 is caught in the open by a dreaded Tiger I. The powerful 88mm gun has already sliced through the sloping turret armour of its unfortunate prey, and the German optics are now lining up on the hull.

Back around 1978, Chris Wauchop combined his modelling and photographic talents to tell this story of the Eastern Front in the winter of 1943/44.

The protagonist is Tamiya's old and unlamented 1/35 scale Tiger I kit. For all of its shortcomings, this was a favourite subject for many modellers in the 1970s and beyond.

Airfix's 1/76 scale T-34/76 is the victim. The different scales simulate the impression of distance. The base for this forced perspective scene is a piece of cardboard covered with baking soda and some sticks.

To add interest, Chris poked a hole though the cardboard base and used a drinking straw to blow cigarette smoke from underneath in front of the model while his brother Stewart took the photo. To me, it looks like the tracks of the T-34 are kicking up snow - quite effective.

Chris also built the Tamiya 1/35 scale T-34 around the same time. This is the model in the photo below.



The photographs were taken with a Nikon F1 SLR.

The authentic ageing of the photograph is nothing more than authentic ageing! The sepia tone and stains are simply the result of more than 25 years of storage.


Model and Images Copyright 2004 by Chris Wauchop
Text Copyright 2004 by Brett Green
Page Created 13 September, 2004
Last Updated 15 September, 2004

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