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Wild Weasel

by Troy White



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Most of my profiles are of WWII subjects but here is one of my favorites. All of my profiles are done the old fashioned way-- oil on canvas. I don't always use the same grade of canvas so some paintings are smoother than others depending on the weave or coarseness of the fabric.

I read somewhere that the rules of engagement did not allow American forces to attack North Vietnamese aircraft when they were on the ground. This did not sit well with American air crew's as you might imagine. As the story goes Maj. Eckman found a whole bunch of MiGs parked on a North Vietnamese air base since he couldn't shoot them, did a touch-and-go just to show them he could! I kind of liked the story so I painted his F-105...

Here is a little more info on it:

"Wild Weasel" Oil on Canvas 19" x 34" 2000 Troy White "Northbound" was the name of this F-105G flown by Maj. 'Lucky' Eckman while with detachment 1 of the 361st TFS, 388th TFW based at Korat, Thailand int the fall of 1972 during Operation Linebacker. The Wild Weasel mission was to seek out and destroy enemy SAM (Surface to Air Missile) sites.


Model, Images and Text Copyright 2005 by Troy White
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