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HyperScale Armour, Maritime, Figure Sci-Fi and Other Galleries 2003-05

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"Advance" Luchs by Jay Laverty and Sean Lomas (Tasca 1/35)
"ANZACS" by Eamon Sheehan (Airfix and Tamiya 1/32)
"Aussie Digger" by Andrew Judson (Firestorm 1/35)
"Bail Out" Panzer IV Diorama by Eamon Sheehan (Tamiya 1/35)
"Banzai!" by Chris Mrosko (Warriors 1/35)
"Busy Hour at Koblenz" Diorama by Ilhan Aydiner (Various 1/35)
"Carentan" Diorama by Jacques Vermeulen (Italeri and Dragon 1/35)
"Come on Home Boys" Vignette by Andrew Judson (Wolf 1/35)
"Defenders of the Reich" Vignette by Chris Mrosko (Warriors 1/35)
"Dracula the Dragon" Vignette by Andrew Judson (Andrea 54mm)
"Dragon's Fury" by Andrew Judson (Andrea Miniatures 54mm)
"Feuer!" by Chris Wauchop (Tamiya 1/35)
"From Whence We Came" Vignette by Major Jerry Little USAF (Verlinden 200mm)
"Gathering at the Well" by Andrew Judson (VLS 1/35)
"Jagdwagen - A Volkswagen with Attitude" by Andrew Judson (CMK 1/35)
"Jump!" by Andrew Judson (Verlinden 1/16)
"Kapitulation" by Thomas Odenhausen (Various 1/35)
"The Killing Fields" by Andrew Judson (Warriors 1/35)
"King Olaf Tryggvasson Saga" Diorama by Brian Thewlis (El Viejo Dragon 54mm)
"The King of Rock 'n Roll" by Andrew Judson (Andrea Miniatures 54mm)
"Kriegshafen" U-Boat and S-Boat Diorama by Stefan Szymanski (Revell and Various 1/72)
"Man Down!" by Andrew Judson (Warriors 1/35)
"Normandy Bound" Tiger I by Gareth Hector (Artwork No Scale)
"Ou allez Vous?" by Daniel Cox (Artwork No Scale)
"Range Practice" Vignette by Andrew Judson (Various 1/35)
"RLM Compliant Kombi" by Chris Creed (Hasegawa 1/24)
"The Scratch Builder" by Andrew Judson (Construction Battalion 1/35)
"Tiger Bait" by Chris Wauchop (Various kits and scales)
"Stalingrad" Vignette by Andrew Judson (Cromwell Models 54mm)
"Summer of '43 - Mainze Germany" Diorama by Derek Brown (Various 1/35)
"The Tramp and the Kid" by Andrew Judson (Andrea 54mm)
"US Special Forces - Middle East 1991" by Ade W.K. Iskandarasyah (Various 1/35)
1941 Willys Gasser by Andrew Judson (Revell)
1967 Chevelle by Peter Mosca (Revell 1/25)
A7V by Glen Porter (Emhar 1/72)
AATVP by Peter Van Buren (Tamiya 1/35)
Adolf Galland Figure by Denis Moisan (Tamiya 1/16)
Afghan Fighter by Andrew Judson (Wolf 1/35)
African Militiaman by Andrew Judson (Warriors 1/35)
Ambushed! Diorama by Andrew Judson (Tamiya 1/35)
ASU-57 by Andrew Judson (Maquette 1/35)
Bedford QL Portee and 6 Pdr (Revell and Zvezda 1/35)
Bergpanther Ausf. A by Sam Dwyer (Dragon 1/35)
Bismarck Part One by Bernd Willmer (Scratchbuilt 1/100)
Bismarck by K.W. Ho (Dragon 1/700)
BMP-1 by Jean-Jacques L (Dragon 1/35)
BMP-1 by Jason Woollett and Andrew Judson (Zvezda 1/35)
BMP-1U "Shvalk" by Christophe Monard (Zvezda 1/35)
British Soldier Tropical Uniform by Andrew Judson (Warriors 1/35)
Brummbar by Harvey Low (Planet Models and Revell 1/72 scale)
BT-7 by Andrew Judson (Zvezda 1/35)
Canadian Sherman Firefly by Barry Friesen (Dragon 1/35)
Caribou by Michael E. Winters (AFV Club 1/35)
Centaur C.S. Mk.IV by Murat Ozgul (Tamiya 1/35)
Challenger I Mk.3 by MIles Backshall (Tamiya 1/35)
Challenger I Mk.3 by Massimo Ginesi (Tamiya 1/35) 
Challenger 2 by Chris McKee (Trumpeter 1/35)
Chieftain Mk.5 (Berlin Brigade) by Brian Thewlis (Accurate Armour 1/35)
Churchill Tank by Murat Ozgul (Tamiya 1/35)
Citroen Traction 11CV by Brett Green (Tamiya 1/48)
Confederate at Ease by Andrew Judson (Firestorm 1/35)
Daimler Mk.II Armoured Car by Jason Woollett (Accurate Armour 1/35)
Ducati 900SS by Anthony Papadis (Tamiya 1/12)
DUKW by Ian Sadler (Italeri 1/35)
DUKW by Paul Nikolic (Italeri 1/35)
Early Motor Vehicles by Phil Marchese (Various 1/32)
Enterprise NCC-1701 by Richard Briggs (Bandai 1/700)
Fallschirmjager by Chris Mrosko (Warriors 1/9)
Fallschirmjager by Andrew Judson (Warriors 1/9)
Ferrari Engine Block by Douglas K. L. Chan (Tamiya 1/12)
Ferrari Enzo by Richard Hadiwardojo (Tamiya 1/24)
French Soldier 1917 by Andrew Judson (Nemrod 1/24)
German Tanker by Andrew Judson (Verlinden 1/16)
Ghost Viking by Nelson Villaneuva (Verlinden 120mm)
Halebardiner by Glen Phillips (1st Guards 54mm)
Horch 108 Type 40 by Chris Wauchop (MAC 1/72)
Honda CR 250 and Rider by Jason Woollett (Tamiya 1/12)
Hot Body I by Glen Phillips (Dynasty/Coree 54mm)
Hamian Archer by Glen Phillips (Andrea Miniatures 54mm)
HHMMV by Peter Van Buren (Tamiya 1/35)
HMAS Sydney by Bob Brignull (Scractchbuilt 1/72)
HMBV Sulphur by Craig Mitchell
IJN Unyo by Wayne Little (Aoshima 1/700)
IS-3 Tank by Murat Ozgul (Tamiya 1/35)
ITS Fiume by Charles Landrum (Tauro 1/400)
Jagdpanther by Francisco Soldan (Revell 1/72)
Jagdpanzer IV L.70 by Chris Leeman (Dragon 1/35)
Jagdtiger by Serge Dompierre (Tamiya 1/35)
Kharmann Ghia 1966 Coupe by Jason Woollett (Tamiya 1/24)
Knight Hospitaller by Nelson Villaneuva (Andrea Miniatures 54mm)
Korean Knight XIII Century by Nelson Villaneuva (SOL Model 54mm)
Krupp Titan Truck by Garry Powell (Revell of Germany 1/24)
Kubelwagen by Andrew Judson (Tamiya 1/35)
KV-2 by Andrew Judson (Tamiya 1/35)
KV-2 by Jason Woollett (Trumpeter 1/35)
KV-2 by Len Philpot (Tamiya 1/35)
Lamborghini Countach by Peter Mosca (Monogram 1/25)
LAV by Peter Van Buren (Italeri 1/35)
Leopold Railway Gun by Rick Bellanger (Dragon 1/35)
LCT Mk.6 and LCF Mk.4 by Mike Salzano (Heller Conversions 1/400)
LVT(A)4 by Mic Bradshaw (Italeri 1/35)
LVT-3 by Jimmy Cancino (Tamiya 1/35)
LVT-4 by Mick Toal (Italeri 1/35)
LVTP-7 by Jimmy Cancino (Tamiya 1/35)
M1025 Humvee by David Halliday (Tamiya 1/35)
M113A1 MRV by Andrew Judson (AFV Club 1/35)
M18 Hellcat by Luke Pitt (Academy 1/35)
M1A1 Abrams by Chris Leeman (Dragon 1/72)
M1A1 Abrams by Jerry Cashman (Dragon 1/72)
M26 Pershing by Ilhan Aydiner (Tamiya 1/35)
M26E3 Super Pershing by Jason Woollett (Tamiya and Accurate Armour 1/35)
M3A3  by Valentin E. Bueno (AFV Club 1/35)
M36 Jackson by Alex Curlis (Acadmy 1/35)
M4 Sherman by Ilhan Aydiner (Tamiya 1/35)
M4 Sherman with 105mm Howitzer by Len Philpot (Tamiya + Verlinden 1/35)
M4A3 Sherman by Andrew Judson (Tamiya 1/35)
M4A3E8 Sherman by Tim Freeman
M51 Isherman by Michael Tay (Verlinden 1/35)
M51 Isherman by MIles Backshall (Academy 1/35)
Manfred von Richthofen by Mick Evans (Dragon 1/12)
Marder III by Rick Knapp (Tamiya 1/35)
Marder III 7.62cm 38(t) by Andrew Judson (Tamiya 1/35)
Marder III by Len Philpot (Tamiya 1/35)
Marder III Ausf. M by Sam Dwyer (Tamiya 1/35)
Marvella and Cleo by Janine Bennet (Original Sculpting 1/7)
Matilda Frog by Jason Woollett (Tamiya 1/35)
Matilda Mk.III by Sean Lomas (Tamiya 1/35)
Mercedes-Benz L4500 R by Jiri Fiala (Eagle.cz 1/35)
Mercedes 600S by Jason Woollett (Italeri 1/24)
Merkava 2 by Ufuk Aydiner (Academy 1/35)
Millenium Falcon by Kagan Atsuren (AMT 1/72)
Minenraumerpanzer by Lou Khoo (Commanders Series Resin 1/35)
Ninja Assasin by Andrew Judson (Pegaso 54mm)
Nissan Skyline GTR-V Spec 11 by Jason Woollett (Tamiya 1/24)
Norman Warrior by Glen Phillips (Andrea 54mm)
Opel Blitz by Sante Candia (Italeri 1/35)
Panther Ausf. A Late Version by Miki Shimizu (Dragon 1/35)
Panther Ausf G (early) by Harvey Low (Revell 1/72)
Panther Ausf. G Late Version by Chris Leeman (Tamiya 1/35)
Panther II by Stefan Bernet (Dragon 1/35)
Panzer II Ausf C by Ken Dobos (Alan 1/35)
Panzer II Ausf. F by (Tamiya 1/35)
Panzer II Ausf. F by Murat Ozgul (Tamiya 1/35)
Panzer III (Flamm) by Laurent Malet (Dragon 1/35)
Panzer III Ausf.J by Andrew Judson (Dragon 1/35)
Panzer III Ausf. J by Phil Hale (Tamiya 1/35)
Panzer III Ausf. L by Gary Millias (Tamiya 1/35)
Panzer IV Ausf.J by Andrew Judson (Dragon 1/35)
Pheasant 17/25 Pdr by Brian Thewlis (Tamiya conversion 1/35)
Polish Lancer Bust by Dave Lesko (200mm Andrea Miniatures)
Porsche 917K by Richard Alexander (Fujimi 1/24)
Predator's Ancestors by Tom Conte (Various 1/72)
PT-18 70ft Elco Torpedo Boat by Mike Salzano (Airfix Conversion 1/72)
The Ronin by Andrew Judson (Pilipili 1/16)
Russian Soldier Berlin 1945 by Andrew Judson (Anrea Miniatures 54mm)
Russian T-55 Tanker by Chis Mrosko (Mig Productions 1/9)
S-100 Schnellboot by Christian Wacker (Revell 1/72)
Saturn V Rocket - Apollo 11 by Stephen Thrum (scratchbuilt 1/48)
Scammel Pioneer and Bishop by Brent Simpson (Accurate Armour 1/35)
Sd.Kfz.233 Stummel by Andrew Judson (Roden 1/72)
Sd.Kfz.234 by Andrew Judson (Italeri 1/35)
Sd.Kfz.234/1 by Anthony Sheedy (Italeri 1/35)
Sd.Kfz. 251/3 by Alex Curlis (Dragon 1/35)
Sd.Kfz. 251/9 by Andrew Judson (Tamiya 1/35)
Sd.Kfz.7 and 88mm Flak 18 (Tamiya 1/35)
sFH 18 15cm Gun by Frank Forster (Unknown 1/35)
Sherman Diorama by Nick Moore (1/35)
Sherman Firefly Mk.VC by John Bonanni (Dragon 1/35)
Sir Edmund De Thorpe by Dave Lesko (90mm Andrea Miniatures)
Space Shuttle Columbia by Scotty Battistoni (Minicraft 11/44)
Speeder Bike by Kagan Atsuren (AMT)
SS-Fallschirmjager Oderfront 1945 by Gunnar Jansson (Warriors 1/9)
SS Panzer Grenadier by Andrew Judson (Verlinden 200mm)
SS Panzerjager, Hungary 1945 by Chris Mrosko (Warriors 1/9)
SS Tank Commander by Andrew Judson (Verlinden and Warriors 1/35)
Sturmtiger by Len Philpot (Tamiya 1/35)
Subaru WRC 2001 by Jason Woollett (Tamiya 1/24)
Su-76m by Chris Wauchop (UM 1/72)
T-34/76 by Harvey Low (ESCI 1/72)
T-34/85 by Jean-Phillipe Uhlring (Dragon 1/35)
T-55 by Mark Nolan (Tamiya 1/35)
T-55 by Rafi Ben-Shahar (Tamiya 1/35)
T-60 by Jean-Phillipe Uhlring (Zvezda 1/35)
T-72 by Jean-Jaques Labrot (1/35 Tamiya)
T-80 Soviet Battle Tank by Soon-Chan Park (Dragon 1/35)
T-80BV Soviet Battle Tank by Jason Woollett (Zvezda 1/35)
T-90 by Istvan Zsoldos (Dragon Conversion 1/35)
Teutonic Knight by Andrew Judson (Pegaso 54mm)
Ti-67 Tiran by Radek Kemski (ESCI 1/35)
Tie Fighter by Derek Brown (Fine Molds 1/72)
Tiger I by Bill Bunting (Tamiya 1/35)
Tiger I Ausf E by Murat Özgül (Revell 1/72)
Tiger I Ausf.E/H by Paul Nikolic (Italeri 1/35)
Tiger I by Jean-Marc Berthe (Artwork, No Scale)
Tiger I Ausf. E Early Production Model by Garfield Ingram (Tamiya 1/48)
Tiger I Diorama by Ingo Degenhardt (Tamiya 1/35)
Tiger II, Henschel Turret, by Andrew Dextras (Revell 1/72)
Tiger II in Progress by Gareth Hector (Artwork No Scale)
Tiger II Die-Cast refinished by Chris Wauchop (Dragon 1/72)
Toyota Corolla by Andrew Judson (Hasegawa 1/24)
Type 69.II Tank by Sam Dwyer (Trumpeter 1/35)
Type 97 Japanese Medium Tank by Ian Robertson (Tamiya 1/35)
Type VII U-Boat U-96 by Joachin Aguilar (Mirage Hobby 1/400)
Type VII/41 Turm IV U-Boat by Joachin Aguilar (Mirage Hobby 1/400)
Type VIIB U-Boat U-41 (Amati 1/72)
Type VIIC U-Boat by Allan Buttrick (Revell 1/125)
Type VIIC U-Boat by Jan Levitner (Revell 1/72)
Type VIIC U-Boat Conning Tower (Andrea Miniatures 1/35)
Type XXIII U-Boat by Max Hecker (Special Navy 1/72)
US Infantryman Europe 1943-1945 by Andrew Judson (Warriors 1/35)
US Marine by Don Franklin (Kirin 120mm)
USS Georgia BB 15 by Warren Kirbo (Artwork No Scale)
USS Nashville PG-7 by Warren Kirbo (Artwork, No Scale)
Western Samurai by Andrew Judson (Andrea Miniatures 54mm)
Woman of the First Empire Wearing a Ballgown by Glen Phillips (Metal Modeles 54mm)
Wounded German Officer by Andrew Judson (Jaguar 1/16)
WWII Japanese Navy Pilot by Mike Good (Ultracast 54mm)
Yoshimura Hayabusa X-1 by Andrew Judson (Tamiya 1/12)
X-Craft Submarine by Brent Simpson (Accurate Armour 1/35)
X-Wing Fighter by Kagan Atsuren (AMT)
Zakspeed Ford Capri by Jason Woollett (Tamiya 1/24)
Zanavi NISMO Z by Jason Woollett (Tamiya 1/24)
Zis-44 Ambulance by Troy Fosbender (Eastern Express 1/35)

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